Who doesn't love a great burger? Sous vide creates a juicy and flavorful burger that puts most "gourmet burgers" to shame. My personal favorite temperature is at 127 F, but make sure you trust the quality of the ground beef you are using.

Recipe Ideas

  1. Sous Vide BurgerJ. Kenji

  2. Fish Sauce SlidersNom Nom Paleo

  3. HamburgerSV Kitchen

General Tips

  1. For a tasty crust on your patty, make sure you pat your burger dry and your pan is already piping hot. I heat my cast iron for at least a few minutes before adding a bit of oil to it.

  2. To get melted cheese, put cheese on your patty after the first flip (should be about a minute).

  3. For ideal juiciness, I found that shorter cooking times help prevent too much of your juices from leaving your burger.

  4. You can add whatever juices are left in the sous vide bag to your burger buns before gently toasting it in the pan.

  5. Martin's Potato rolls are a godsend.