Chicken Thigh

This makes for a cheap and delicious weekday dinner. Many recipes only call for a few hours, but I found that a longer cook tastes great as well. Pop them in during the morning and you can come back to perfectly cooked chicken after a long of work. Also, these times and temperatures work great for chicken legs too.

Recipe Ideas

  1. Crispy Chicken ThighsNom Nom Paleo

  2. Crispy Chicken ThighsMichael Voltaggio

  3. Jerk ChickenSV Kitchen

General Tips

  1. To get crispy skin, sear the skin-side down over medium heat for at least 5 minutes if skinless.

  2. For best results, cool the chicken in ice water to prevent overcooking from the searing process

  3. Skinless thighs are best seared for about a minute over smoking hot oil on high heat.

  4. I found best results with overnight marinades beforehand, but plenty of people seem to think that it isn't necessary.