As with any cooking activity, there are some accessories for sous vide that can make your life easier. This page is meant to be a basic list of tools that would prove useful to everyone who cooks sous vide.

Lodge Cast Iron Pan ($18.97)

cast iron pan

A cast iron pan is one of the most versatile things you can buy for your kitchen and it is highly reccommended for searing. To ensure the best sear, you can heat this up for several minutes and get it to a very high temperature. As many of you might know, cast iron pans gradually develop a seasoning and can acquire naturally non-stick properties. It is truly one of the few things that get better with use.

Oxo Tongs ($11.99)


Cooking with plastic bags requires a lot of handling and transferring of food. A good pair of tongs is something you will be using countless times and I like these due to the non-stick ends.

Oneida 16 Quart Stockpot ($59.99)


If you are going to buy a dedicated sous vide machine, definitely look to purchase a big stockpot (emphasis on the big). Even if you are not using it for things outside of sous vide, there is no need for an expensive pot with exact heat distribution. Your stocks and pasta will turn out just fine with this lower end model.

Binder Clips ($3.18)


Especially with Ziploc bags where you cannot be consistently monitoring your food, binder clips are an easy solution for keeping your bags in place and underwater. Having experimented with weighing the bags down with other tools, I have found that clipping my bags to the side of my stockpot keeps the the side of the bags rigid enough to stay where they should.