Pulled Pork

Few things are a better value in my life than sous vide pulled pork. It is just incredibly juicy, tender and flavorful. The wide range of suggested cooking times is somewhat confusing, but it frees you up to not hold yourself to any exact cooking time.

Recipe Ideas

  1. CarnitasRick Bayless (Adapted)

  2. Pork ShoulderMe and My Torch

  3. Hot Salsa VerdeSerious Eats

General Tips

  1. Most people use pork shoulder, Boston butt or picnic roast for pulled pork and it serves as the basis for the cooking suggestions on this page. If you happen to have a bone-in, try to remove it with a boning knife for the most accurate cooking times.

  2. After being cut into individual pieces, they should be about half a pound each, and no more than 2.75 inches thicks.

  3. A brine before cooking is highly, highly recommended and make sure you rinse it off thoroughly afterwards.

  4. Pulled pork is amazing without a sear, but if you want a carnitas-like crust you can do a quick pan sear. Of course, for a truly authnetic carnitas, you should add some lard to the bag for even more flavor.