Short Rib

One of my favorites! There are lots of different options here, so experiment to see what you prefer. For a cut of meat like short rib, where there is lots of connective tissue, keep in mind that longer times/higher temperatures can be more tender, but shorter times/lower temperatures can be more juicy.

Recipe Ideas

  1. Momofuku AdaptedTiny Urban Kitchen

  2. Hannukkah Short RibsModernist Cuisine

  3. Short Rib PastramiChefSteps

General Tips

  1. This is probably the most important case where pre-searing is recommended. Over high heat for 30 seconds on all side is recomended.

  2. Make sure to sear the fat well as that will not render in the low temperature water bath.

  3. I personally found temperatures around 135 F to be my favorite balance between tenderness and juiciness.