Turkey Leg

The key to taking advantage of sous vide when making turkey is to split up the various parts. These times will also work for turkey thighs, with the exception of Michael Voltaggio's, which reccommend an extra 2.5 hours for them. The longer recipes here are part of the confit style, which is a drier, but more traditional way of preparation. Either way, be prepared to enjoy a very well-cooked turkey!

Recipe Ideas

  1. Turkey GravySerious Eats

  2. Sous Vide TurkeyMichael Voltaggio

  3. Thanksgiving Survival GuidePolyScience


General Tips

  1. The traditional thanksgiving flavors are always a good idea: sage, thyme, tarragon and cranberries, but mushrooms, garlic and garam masala also work very well with turkey.

  2. After patting the legs dry, sear each side over smoking oil on high heat for about 20 seconds until golden brown.

  3. Another popular way of finishing it is to fry shredded leg meat in oil until brown, the oil should be around 375 F/ 109.5 C.